The Low Down

Hey there!

I am Sofia, a.k.a. Auntie Sofia. Greek gal in a London kitchen, working, studying, learning every single day.

The Digital Scullery story began in 2009 when I made the first video in Greek where I cook Hünkar Beğendi. At the time I only had my Greek personal blog and I published the video there. As time passed I made more and more videos so I started Digital Scullery, to only blog about food.

The Greek side of Digital Scullery now has recipes, photos and little food notes from me and a whole lot of friends.

In December 2010 Mummy Despina, Katerina and our Prophit Estarian got their own accounts and pages.

In November 2011 I opened the English side of the blog, translating some of the Greek content and creating some new content just for this version.

Everyone at Digital Scullery believes in homemade food and the magic of everyday cooking. Without any studies. Without being chefs. Just like we cook for our family, for our friends, for our loved ones. With plenty of good humor, laughter, mistakes and disasters. Like any normal person who cooks.