Frappe coffee by the indigo boy

See the Greek version of this post
Do you use vine? There are some gems in there, like the frappe coffee by our indigo boy.

Here is Auntie Sofia’s version:

5 thoughts on “Frappe coffee by the indigo boy

  1. FANTASTIC! Oh, how I have missed those wonderful high octane refreshing coffees. I had one of those roundy roundy zumm zumm things, but sadly it has long since broken. The jar is genius!

  2. Wow! I have been enjoying your videos the past few years and learned a lot from you on how to cook your amazing Greek dishes like my mom and dad used to do.

    Your friends in Maryland.

    Chris Melissa, Sarah, Andrew and Christina Georgiou

  3. Hi! Thank you for posting your video on how to make a Greek frappé. I’ve tried Leite’s Culinaria’s recipe, which also mentions using a drink mixer. However, your video showed me two things that allowed me to succeed. First, you put a bit more water in your shaker jar than Leite’s 2 tbsp; this allowed me to drain the froth more easily. Second, you rinsed the foamed shaker jar with more water, to get the rest of the coffee out of the shaker and into the glass. This was very helpful to me. Now, my next challenge will be to go from making it a καλησπέρα καφέ to a καλημέρα καφέ . (Did I say that right?) Cheers from Ithaca, New York. –Daniel Graybeal

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