The Real Greek moussaka, their souvlaki and the gossip

Chef Alan is funny too!

See the Greek version of this postSo this might seem a bit weird. Why would a Greek go to see The Real Greek chef make moussaka? “Isn’t it like your national dish?”, “Don’t you know how to make it from birth?” Yes, thank you I get the point, even though I learned how to make it when I was 23.

When I got the e-mail for a moussaka making experience from the lovely Megan I thought exactly that. However, I’m always learning so I really wanted to see this staple of the Greek family table done from a professional chef. Secondly, I had completely stopped going to The Real Greek three years ago so I was super curious.

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How is it possible that when it comes to Chinese I eat for two!

Some friends and I went to grab some Chinese yesterday. We initially wanted to have some Thai but that option was rejected after we saw that the Thai restaurant was bursting at the seams.

Anyway we went to the Jade Cottage in Hendon. Somewhat in the periphery but ultimately a lot better than expected.

We left the restaurant almost unable to walk. Fine I eat a lot but this group of friends is on another level. We got there at 9.30 and managed to stagger out past midnight. We were the only ones left really.

Here are some pics for you gossipy types, I’ve also uploaded some on our Facebook page

Jade Cottage

Duck at the Jade Cottage

Chinese at the Jade Cottage

Mint Tea and my fortune