Send food stuff

It’s always a great joy to receive anything that has to do with food.

We are interested in all dishes, we eat everything and it will be a joy to publish a guest post with any food – related bits you might like to send.

Please get in touch via e-mail


We would really prefer photo-recipes, laid out step by step. It would be great if you also included a story (e.g. who taught it to you or why your mum used to cook it)

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Food stuff

Anything you saw and liked it, stuff you ate today, a festive spread, we love it all.

You may want to add your photos on our flickr group – we regularly publish pics from that group.

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This is kind of a weird category but we are persevering. News about pick nicks, festivals, events, we like it all.

If this is a press release or an advertising entry please see the relevant page with advice. 

(See some examples)


Yea, they exist too. Check it out.


  • Spelling: Look we are Greek. Bad spelling in English is very probable. Never mind.
  • Photos: Please do send them. It’s better if they’re a good size and clear.
  • Content: We love all food but have a preference for GRUB. Any gourmet stuff we’ll think about it.
  • Who are you: Please mention clearly your name or nickname and a link back to your website/blog/twitter/whatever. If you have no online home it’s fine, just let us know how you’d like your name to appear.
  • Advertisements and Press Releases: Please see the relevant page
  • CC License: Anything we publish on Digital Scullery (and anything you send for publication) is covered by our Creative Commons License. Please take note.
  • Our principles: Our principles are non negotiable. By sending your content you agree to accept, respect and uphold them.


  • The source of any blog post, recipe, picture or any content on Digital Scullery needs to be clearly noted.
  • For any source there must be a link – where a source website exists. This link should go directly to the specific page and not just the front page of that website.
  • We do not copy copyrighted content and we respect the wishes of the creator. We check each and every single time and this is the responsibility of the Digital Scullery author.


  • Any time we are advertising something we are absolutely clear that this is the case.
  • Any time a post has been paid for we are absolutely clear that this is the case.
  • If any products/ brands can be seen on blog posts, photos or videos and you see no disclosure than it is just a random thing (we shop in the same places as everybody else).

Other stuff

  • Digital Scullery supports and believes in the Creative Commons principles. However, we respect the wishes of each creator to distribute their content under any copyright conditions they see fit.
  • In the same way that we respect others’ material and wishes we’d expect the same courtesy. Digital Scullery does have a Creative Commons License. Please respect that.

All authors and all those who send their content for publication on Digital Scullery know these principles and I trust them to follow them. If there are any doubts a process is in place to discuss and resolve any challenges.

If you have found anything at all on Digital Scullery that does not agree with the Digital Scullery principles as set out below this is probably due to an error and we need to correct it. Please contact Sofia as soon as possible.