Proper Greek Nomz: Tzatziki

Proper Greek Nomz: Tzatziki

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There is a lot of “pretend” Greek food going around and there are also a lot of “authentic” Greek recipes. I’m a bit fed up, to tell you the truth. So I’ve enlisted the help of my mum Despina (who is a bit of a rock n roll gal) to make some videos with proper Greek nomz. We are not claiming these are authentic, ancient Greek or anything like that. This is the type of food we, as Greeks, make and enjoy.

Today, it’s tzatziki, a super yummy and garlicky yoghurt based dip. It goes down a treat with barbecue but do try not to kiss anyone after you’ve eaten it (it’s the garlic).

Do drop us a line if you have any more ideas for Greek food videos.

Lots of love to the bands below for allowing me to use their pod safe and brilliant songs.

5 thoughts on “Proper Greek Nomz: Tzatziki

  1. Straggisto is strained. For people living in England, brands to go for are: FAGE Total, ASDA’s Greek yoghurt made by Leith’s School or found at Waitrose the brand Yogood which is manufactured by Kri-Kri dairy in Northern Greece. Yogood is priced fairly and is really tasty. Leith’s is a bit on the sour side (but only slightly!) and FAGE’s is no longer the authentic yoghurt as here in the UK it is sold at 4% fat instead of the 10% which is what we use in Greece.

    I bet your mum’s tzatziki is very strong with 3 cloves of garlic, especially Greek garlic which is huge compared to English.

    We don’t put vinegar in tzatziki in Athens, no idea how that would go. We use dill.

    Love your olive trees and jealous of your mum’s kitchen, your beauty and your accent. Keep up the good work!

  2. Yes, never heard of the vinegar in tzatziki, but I will definitely try it next time.

  3. Hi Sofia

    I live in Australia, and would like to say thank you for all your lovely recipies, I am Greek

    H Panagia mazi sou

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