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Home Cooking Made Easy

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For about two seasons now I have been watching Lorraine Pascale and her BBC programmes. Baking Made Easy and Home Cooking Made Easy.

Lorraine is an ex model and after a few jobs here and there she got busy, went to some seminars, studied and today she is a chef. Her first programme was mainly about baking, particularly desserts and pastry. Her second programme is all about food in general.

Every time I watch her I really want to go into the kitchen and just stay there for ever. She has great ideas and she doesn’t really make you feel bad for using store-bought ingredients. For example I love that she uses shop-bought puff pastry. She also tends to give lovely tips to save you time. And she certainly has a great style.

Home Cooking Made Easy, Lorraine Pascale. BBC copyright. Published with permission.

She’s got some great ideas, like Whisky and chilli tiger prawns και Fig, cream cheese and mint tart (I really want to eat that one!)

There are of course the obligatory books  (one andtwo) and whaddayaknow I got them. Some good friends gave me an Amazon gift voucher for my birthday (you know who you are, you’ll be getting at least one dish from each book).

One of the best things she’s made on the show is the “I can’t believe you made that” cake – cause apparently that’s what people will be telling you when you make it.

It’s basically chocolate with chocolate with chocolate (so it’s basically bliss) and even though it looks very impressive it seems that it is easy to make.

Check out the show – I’m sure you’ll get some great ideas

This is not an advertisment – I just like the woman
BBC copyrighted photos, published with permission 

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