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If you blog about food you know what a headache it is to get good pictures.

I happen to make recipe videos and it is exceedingly hard to actually produce something that shows what you are doing accurately.

Food is a difficult material to work with. Textures and colours are important.

I’ve been doing the videos for quite some time now and lately I ‘ve been thinking about a new camera.

Enter SONY and their social media agency immediate future (follow them on twitter as well).

I approached immediate future (via twitter no less), explained exactly what I need and we talked about it. I told them that I need something simple, not professional as my videos are amateur videos. I needed something that would evidently show that I am creating and not a pro. However, it also needed to be apparent what the heck I’m cooking.

AislingNora and Vivienne listened carefully, we chatted about it and today I received a  bloggie MHS-PM5K.

I suggested mentioning SONY in every video but they refused. “Just use it”, they told me, “and let us know how it works our for you.”

After that I just had to leave a small note about it!

As always – and as those that have been following me for some years now – I will not hesitate to honestly say how the camera is working out.

Hold the line for more details!

My new Sony bloggie

My new Sony bloggie

My new Sony bloggie

Full disclosure: No money exchanged hands, no under the table deals. This is the whole of the story.

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